You asked for this…

Well, some of you did. Or at least, you made noises which I interpreted as asking for this. A blog, a blog of Stuart’s Writes.

If you’re reading this blog from the start, you know the story. Stuart apparently amuses people with his random comments and statuses in various online fora. Stuart also sometimes throws out the odd opinion in the same domains, and relishes the subsequent scraps. Stuart also recently had to withdraw from his studies, and is feeling somewhat directionless.

So, I’ve decided as part of my post-PhD purpose-finding to try and make use of this ability. That’s not as easy as it sounds because there is a clear difference between having something to say, and saying it well. I know I do the latter, I’m not entirely certain I do the former; but then I’m also not entirely certain that it is entirely necessary.

The point of this blog, then, is to throw out my established writes to a wider audience, and see if they’re generally appreciated; to discipline myself into regular, longer writings; to act as a showcase should I ever decide to actually up the ante and try to get some kind of writing-based employment; and it is also a sandbox, in which I may experiment a little with other styles and subjects than funnies, rants and cat stories.

What to expect it you’re gonna read this: more of the usual, but slightly more grown-up. The funnies will, hopefully, be a bit funnier. The rants will be reigned in a bit, in that they will be more cogently argued. Linkage and news will feature, as well as some travel writes when I am overseas.

What I expect from you if you’re gonna read this: yup, there’s a contract. I’m serious that this is going to be an attempt to refine and develop my writing, and also to try and get more of an audience. So, please comment and share. Say what you like, say what you don’t, and engage in debate on the more ranty articles. Share posts you like with other people who may also like them.

Finally, I need a name for this blog. I don’t really do short and pithy very well: my style is more verbose and thesaural. Anyone who can come up with a good title and tagline will be duly acknowledged. There may be cookies in it for you too.

The first proper post is almost ready, watch this space…

4 thoughts on “You asked for this…

    • It’s nice, Daniel, but I’m not entirely sure, because I don’t personally refer to myself as “Stu.” I don’t object when other people do (although “Stewie” is a different matter), but it’s not actually how I think of myself. That said, it is quite nice and apt, so it’s definitely a contender.


  1. “Stuart’s Brownies”?

    “In folklore, a brownie resembles the hob, similar to a hobgoblin. Brownies are said to inhabit houses and aid in tasks around the house. However, they do not like to be seen and will only work at night, traditionally in exchange for small gifts of food.”

    We’ve never met, so I don’t know if this applies to you. If not, maybe this does:

    “Brownies are adventurous, helpful and up for a challenge!”

    Does the word “browny” has other relevant connotations?


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