Another treat from the Guardian

Look, I know Slavoj Žižek’s basic modus operandi is to pass off provocative silliness under the guide of intellectualism but … really? Signers are not for the deaf but to make hearing people feel good? What, could the deaf people understand perfectly well if only they tried a bit harder? Or are they just so unimportant that, were it not for this condescension to my apparent privileged liberal guilt, we wouldn’t bother? Perhaps guide dogs exist for the same reason, and as for those lazy buggers in wheelchairs, why we only let them out to justify spending money on those natty accessible buses.

I agree that there may be a “deeper truth” exposed by this article, but if there is, it is not that signing only exists to placate liberal consciences; it is that Slavoj Žižek only exists to remind us that there are no propositions so innately ridiculous that some attention-grabbing old pseud won’t pass them off as adventurous heterodoxy.