Just a boring news post

So I have eight days left in Brazil, and then I shall be boarding a flight back to the freezing dismalness that is Britain. Actually, I won’t be staying put for long as a week after I arrive I shall be boarding another flight to spend a few days in the even freezinger but less dismal New York, followed by a few more days in North Carolina to visit an old school friend whom I have not seen for more than twenty years. After that, I shall return to Oxford and actually try to find somewhere to live, although a trip to Australia to visit the recently emigrated brother, almost certainly returning via Thailand to visit the other, long emigrated, brother is on the cards: when that will happen I am uncertain, as there are both financial constraints and issues around actually staying put in the UK for more than a week or two. But the travels are certainly not over.

Neither, I’m afraid, is the blogging. I started this blog as a way to feel some kind of purpose following the collapse of my PhD, and though it pattered along quietly for the first year or so, Brazil has been good for it, as it has provided me with things to blog about, and I’ve even started to garner a respectable number of likes and follows from people I don’t immediately know. So I’ve decided to up the ante a bit, and in April will be doing the A to Z blogging challenge: it seems a fun little project, the idea of which is to write a blog post every day in April, except Sundays, with a topic for each day starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet.

The blog posts can be on anything (as long as it starts with the day’s letter), or one can have an overall theme and make the day’s letter a subtopic of that. I haven’t decided on an overall theme, so I’m throwing it open to suggestions from you. Contributions in the comments, please! Those of you who know me know the kind of thing I like to write and rant about; for those who don’t, why not take this as an opportunity to raise my hit count and browse the archives a bit? Politics, publishing, academia, science, music, and the odd snifter of a gin and tonic are recurring themes, but I’m open to anything interesting or challenging.

Though the return to the freezing wasteland depresses me somewhat, this will be largely offset by seeing friends and those members of my family who have not fled to the other side of the globe to escape my tedious presence.

Brazil, I shall miss you, as ever. But you know I’ll be back.Até volto!

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