Gearing up

I’m gearing up for the A-to-Z blogging challenge, in which I will post twenty-six entries on this blog with subjects alphabetically from A to Z throughout April, with one post every day except Sundays. The first few posts are written, and ready to go. I’m afraid none of the suggestions for an overall theme really caught my fancy, so it will be the usual mixture of rants, funnies, and gintrospection. You may have to bear with me a little, as the first two—on art and on bullshit—fall rather firmly into the first of these categories, though there’s some jokes on the way, and then C might perhaps not meet all people’s sensibilities (no, it’s not that C). But by the time of D—for dogs—there’s some light relief in silly observational humour.

Then things get a bit vaguer. E is currently unassigned, though entropy beckons invitingly (and, of course, unavoidably). Following a somewhat animated dinner discussion, F is almost certainly going to be for feminism and what could G be other than gin? H will be hallucinatory, but after that things are really quite uncertain. Further suggestions for individual topics may well be acted upon.

I’m doing all this as a shameless attempt to broaden the readership of my blog, so please like, comment upon, or link to any posts that entertain, inform, or simply infuriate you. The challenge guidelines suggest keeping posts short, around 300 words, but any exposure to my previous writes—or even the misfortune of encountering my opinions in person—will prime you for the fact that, as far as I’m concerned, if a thing is worth saying, it’s worth banging on about interminably.

Enjoy, share, and interact!