gintrospection (n.) that period of self-analysis at about five in the morning after a few too many gin and tonics, when one cannot sleep but is not actually in any physical pain, and is probably still slightly drunk, a little bit maudlin, too incoherent to read, but coherent enough to brave the depths of one’s personality. A palpable sense of the utter transitory nature of existence and the inevitability of nothingness, whilst not obligatory, certainly adds an urgency and piquancy to the process.

I’m a big fan of the occasional bout of gintrospection, I really am. Helps you keep perspective.

A to Z blogging challenge: G

8 thoughts on “Gintrospection

  1. Now that’s a post after my own heart, short, sweet, and witty. And I learned a new word — describing a feeling I am somewhat familiar with but unable to describe. Until today. So, thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here.


  2. Great definition! I find that this state can be achieved without gin, by merely lying in one’s bed and failing to fall asleep for five hours or so. In the intervals between the bouts of obsessive monitoring of one’s own heart (will it, one wonders, stop? Is that pain in one’s left arm merely a passing muscular ache, or is it, perchance, the prelude to a heart attack?), one’s mind turns to gloomy and penetrating introspection.


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