On manflu

Just as the sun has decided to unveil itself to Oxford, I appear to contracted some hideous virus that has liquidized my brain: there can be no other explanation for both my limited capacity for thought and the sheer quantity of fluid escaping out of my nose. As I have an Arabic lesson shortly, this may well use up my entire intellectual resources for today, so it is likely that this is all you’re getting for M in the A to Z blogging challenge. Hopefully service will resume tomorrow, should I survive.

(I did warn you I’m a kvetch about these matters.)

A to Z blogging challenge: M

3 thoughts on “On manflu

    • The last time I had manflu was in Gama, where I was plied with the following remedies:
      — propolis;
      — a very sweet tea whose name I don’t remember; and
      — a large shot of cachaça with some lime squeezed in.
      I got better after two days, which some might say was regression to the mean, but I think you can judge for yourself which remedy was the operative one.


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