I’m trying hard to think of that time when Western munitions raining down on a country resulted in a more peaceful, less radicalised population. I’m pretty sure it’s not Vietnam, or Cambodia, or Laos. I don’t think the Bay of Pigs was a resounding success. I’m almost certain that Lebanon, Iraq, Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia have yet to see the benefits of this particular approach to peace-making. Palestine, I understand, is currently under inspection by a sub-committee of Hell’s own Curia, seeking to learn a lesson or two in how to reduce humanity to the very nadir of misery and desperation.

But, hey, this time it will work, won’t it David?

An individual less regretted?

So ʿAbd Allāh ibn ʿAbd al-ʿAzīz Āl Saʿūd has died.

David Cameron is “saddened,” and has praised his “commitment to peace,” a commitment which apparently requires £80 billion in arms from the UK alone, and the suspension of our justice system.

Prince Charles, who counted ʿAbd Allāh as a personal friend, is flying to Riyadh to pay his condolences.

Whitehall and Westminster Abbey are flying the flag at half-mast, and it has fallen to a UKIP MP to suggest that this might be “an extraordinary misjudgment.”

Christine Lagarde, the head of the IMF, has said that ʿAbd Allāh—in whose country women could not drive, vote, or leave their own house without being in the company of a male relative—was “a strong advocate of women.”

Is there any real need to rehearse the catalogue of awfulness that is the Saʿūd regime? The public beheadings, the lashings, the torture, the corruption, the hypocrisy? Short of North Korea, I can think of no country run by a more despicable, vile, medieval collection of irredeemable shites.

The obsequious fawning of our establishment over this unlamentable demise exposes—if it really ever was not blindingly obvious—how pathetically paper-thin our own rulers’ morality is: their principles for sale for a few million barrels of oil a day. The late king, in a moment of supreme hypocrisy, sent a representative to the Charlie Hebdo march—whilst his own regime continues the seven-year imprisonment and 1,000 lashes of Raif Badawi. As he was so keen to defend this institution, I can think of no more fitting tribute to this man and his relationship with our own spineless leaders than a Charlie Hebdo-style cartoon of David Cameron sucking ʿAbd Allāh’s oil pineline of a cock. Our leaders were nothing but eager whores to this monumental bastard. I hold little hope that the situation will change with his successor—or, regrettably, with theirs.

Sickening, sickening, sickening.